Welcome to the new eBay.

I have to say, web designers these days keep finding ways to blow up the browser experience. Thanks to CSS and a resurgence in good taste, we’re seeing more and more amazing new interaction models that are turning the web upside down.

eBay’s new teaser site experience is such an experience. Not the first that employs this technique, this site uses static backgrounds to make the experience of scrolling feel like you’re moving content/pages on/off the screen. This flies in the face of traditional browser design that moves you up/down long scrolling pages of text and images. It’s very refreshing and exciting to think that we’ve only just started to unlock the potential of this medium. And we thought flash was the answer!

I’ve always said that a great UX begins with the interaction model. How you editorialize and move through content says just as much—if not more—about your brand as the visual language. The eBay UX up right now grabs your attention, disrupts your expectation and delivers something new. Quite appropriate if you ask me.

I’ve been meaning to post about eBay’s new graphic identity as well. It’s nice. We’ve been seeing many brands go to a more “contemporary” look, and the website designs have followed. With my own design practice, I’ve attempted to infuse modern design principles into everything I do—principles such as clarity, focus on content/meaning, ease of use, etc.; it’s been interesting to watch this trend get traction online. From when I started designing for websites in the late 90’s to now, I’ve seen this coming for a long time. And I’m glad it’s finally hitting mainstream brands.

Well done, eBay! Welcome to the new eBay..


About workpath

I am a visual communication designer for print, digital interface and environment. I am currently focusing on digital user interface design for web, applications, mobile and consumer products in Seattle, Washington.

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