TiltShift App for iPhone

We’ve all seen the explosion of “tilt-shift” photography (or the simulation thereof) occur in the last year or so, and I expect to see a lot more of it. The latest incarnation on TV is the Allstate commercial. It’s a bit gimmicky, but fun. Not sure how the use of this effect is supporting the message, but it is eye catching. And now tilt-shift-inspired photography has come to mobile.

There are a few options for producing the tilt-shift effect on the iPhone but the best is the latest mobile camera app from Art & Mobile—the TiltShift Generator. It is the 5th release in the Toy Camera series, released last summer. I’ve been enjoying the other apps from this series quite a bit and wrote a post last spring about the Quad camera. The user interface design is nicely done across all the apps from Art & Mobile, and the Tiltshift Generator is no exception.

What I really like about this app is that it provides manual control of all the filters. Perhaps this is due to the fact that this app first began life as an Adobe Air desktop app. Therefore, you have a bit more creative control over the final result. In fact, the default effect on the image doesn’t really work. You have to work it to get it right.

This app has options for the type of blur, amount of blur, where the blur is, color saturation, contrast, vignette, brightness, etc. I love how you can use your finger to adjust the position of the blur on the preview image. It would be nice if there was a multi-touch gesture that allowed you to manipulate/deform/scale the blur as well. There’s not an infinite amount of control. Nor is there the ability to fine-tune at the pixel level. Regardless, the app is a joy to use.

Below are some of my latest experiments with the app. The last two are the most successful (I think due largely to the perspective).


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