Quadcamera for iPhone

I’m enjoying QuadCamera and Toy Camera for the iPhone by Art & Mobile. I’m more interested in the process and surprise that comes from playing with these apps than any individual result. It can be used as a creative tool to keep the mind and eye conditioned. Other ideas that are interesting to me: what happens to the authenticity of a photographic process when it can essentially be manufactured, downloaded and distributed? Is there an opportunity to create a unique voice with a medium when it can produce the same visual results in the hands of anyone? Some say the holga’s unique qualities died out a long time ago when it became mainstream. So, the images produced with this software are even twice removed from that once special place of being “unique”, if you want to call it that.

Germ of authenticity > mass distribution > repetition > trend > loss of original value >”Cool” > “Fad” > “Art” > “Unoriginal”


About workpath

I am a visual communication designer for print, digital interface and environment. I am currently focusing on digital user interface design for web, applications, mobile and consumer products in Seattle, Washington.

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